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It is Possible to Modernize Your Old Dyno (Dynamometer)


A Dyno or Dynamometer is an integral device in vehicle industry to measure power, force or torque of a car. This is also known as Rotational Speed Test of vehicles in which the power of a motor, engine or prime mover is exactly measured to predict the performance of a vehicle. The torque of a car lets the engineers and mechanics capacity, mileage, engine performance and rotational speed during the drive. The Dynamometer is very useful and helpful gear in the USA, Europe, and many other countries to maintain the engine performance by measuring actual output and power.

Why Modernize Old Dynamometer?

There are many queries of the mechanics, vehicle service stations and engineers if they should modernize their old-fashioned dynamometer or not. They actually inquire whether it is possible for them to modernize old Dyno. Basically, there are some reasons behind modernizing a Dynamometer. The modern Dynamometer comes with greater accuracy, better performance, fast working, friendly operation and lasting durability. However, if you go through your old Dyno, then you should never consider it inefficient in working because it also performs well. There is only a single difference between an old and a new Dynamometer that data recording technology in both devices is different.

Cost of Dyno Modernization:

The vehicle engineers, companies, service stations, and mechanics have a greater interest in the updated and modern Dynamometer. They actually believe that the difference in performance may influence their business negatively. So, they decide either to modernize their old Dyno or buy a new one. The price of a new Dyno is almost $30,000 to $50,000 that is a huge one. However, if you go for updating your existing Dynamometer, then it will cost you $3000 that is affordable with compared to buy the latest device.

Key Elements of Dyno Updating:

Many people consider Dyno updating or modernizing a typical thing and they believe there are many changes in apparatus, internal parts and mechanism of this device. In fact, there is nothing like this. Usually, there is only a change of the technology to record and store data when measuring the power of an engine in a vehicle. However, there are two newer items that are included in the older version of a Dyno to modernize it; software and electronics. When these technical parts are replaced or updated, then an older Dynamometer becomes a newer one.

Performance of a Dyno after Updating:

The most service stations and mechanics in the USA use a Dyno for measuring power, capacity, and torque of Dyno Mustang. Anyways, there is a good improvement in performance, durability, and mechanism of a Dyno right after modernizing it. Initially, it will record the data of a vehicle faster and store it permanently. Secondly, the latest technology will also boost up measurement process of the device and develop accuracy rate in every reading or measurement.

Where to Go for Old Dyno Updating?

However, if you are willing to update your Dyno to a newer version, then you need to search and find the best experts. You will require two experts; electrical engineers for electronics and software developer to install the latest software. It will be economical and beneficial for you to hire a certified, experienced and professional company to get your old Dynamometer updated at affordable rates.

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